Should I Be Investing Right Now?

Wall Street

  Investors have been asking themselves, “Should I be investing right now?” since investing in the stock market was a thing.  There are fundamentally two schools of thought on this question: It depends on how well you understand the stock market conditions Since you can’t predict the market, you should always assume it’s a good … Read more

Budgeting vs Forecasting: the YNAB Method


There are essentially two schools of thought when it comes to budgeting methods: Budgeting vs Forecasting. The forecasting method is exemplified by software such as Mint, whereas budgeting, in the sense I will discuss it in this post, is exemplified by the software YNAB (You Need a Budget). Forecasting as a Budgeting Method When you … Read more

34 Benjamin Franklin Quotes on Money, Explained

Franklin On Money

  Benjamin Franklin is famous for his quotes on money and personal finance. Franklin was known as “The First American” for his role in the foundation of America and his widely recognized contributions to politics, diplomacy, and American unity. A true polymath, he was an accomplished writer, printer, humorist, politician, diplomat, inventor, scientist, statesman, among … Read more